Watchmaker Brand Story

How We Got Started

KEPLER is a watch manufacturing company that designs and manufactures premium quality wristwatches. Based in Prague, Czechia, we started with a goal to replace the abstraction of time with remarkably artistic and timeless timepieces that carry the history of time with grace and give the wearer the authority to take charge of their time and wear them with pride. At KEPLER, we draw inspiration from the renowned astronomer from the 17th Century, Johannes Kepler, and adopt his concept of astronomical clocks into minimalistic, yet authentic and practical designs.

Kepler Automatic Watches

Changing Convention

The core of our watches’ concept was a deep desire to show the world that quality wristwatches did not have to be expensive. To this end, we focus on giving our customers the prestige of wearing outstanding watches with the same quality as some of the world-renowned watch brands, but without having to break a bank to afford them. Our direct manufacture to customer business model is effectively designed to ensure we meet this goal. We deliberately avoid using the conventional multi-level marketing strategies like use of models, TV commercials, and retailers, which make the watch prices to rise exponentially. We ship our watches world wide, and offer exceptional after sales services that include a warranty and in-house repair by our experts.

The Ultimate Gift

The KEPLER watch allows you to leave an impression and make a powerful statement everywhere you go. When looking for a perfect gift to present someone, our watches are designed with a remarkable ornamental and mechanical appeal to create a unique and memorable gifting experience.